(Don't) Lie to Yourself

sábado, 6 de março de 2010
You lie to yourself but you do it so well
That when you speak the truth you no longer can tell
The difference is slim between truth and forswear
But it means everything when you don’t know it’s there
You spout out the truth when you hang with your friends
But when you’re alone, the honesty ends
Your mind races through every single solution
It can’t seem to grasp onto one resolution
So you tell it to rest and fall into a dream
Where concepts are simple; things are what they seem
This is what you do best, pretending to be free
To life and its grip and its reality.

It's only day 2 but at least I'm still sober.

1 comentários:

Blaze | 7 de março de 2010 às 14:43

Eish, aposto que nem foste tu a escrever isso :P
mas muito bom :)